About Us

Family First Pest Control: Our Company


I fell into this business by complete accident. After many years of working for various pest control companies throughout the valley, I have had the ability to perfect my own strategy on how to treat homes. I found that it is very common in this industry to overbook and not allow proper time (whether it be drive time or at a customers house). When I made the decision to delve into this, and start my own pest control business, I vowed I would never let my customers down when it came to allowing the time, resources and empathy needed to fix the bug problems in their home. I meet with every new client, get to know exactly what the problem is, and service their yard to meet their individual needs. No rushing through, no incorrect materials. I use the highest quality products to complete what needs to be done. Located right here in Maricopa county, owner operated. I do not answer to shareholders, I answer to you, the customer. Fancy trucks, fancy uniforms and websites do not kill bugs, WE KILL BUGS. If you would like the bugs gone, give Family First Pest Control a go! 

Our Philosophy: Why On the Outside?

 After years of research along with trial and error, Family First Pest Control has found that if we do our job well on the outside,  you should not have any issues on the inside. Bugs live outside, and that is where we should treat them. If we focus and pay attention to the exterior of the home, and set up multiple levels of pest barriers, the pests should not be found on the inside.

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