Year-round Pest Control


Let me start by saying that I am very passionate about pest control, and I love to educate. One of the questions I get asked frequently is, do I need pest control year-round? My answer is absolutely, YES! In pest control, consistency is key. A lot of times I ask my customers, if you only…

Home Sealing Phoenix

Home Seal

We take our time to manually inspect the underside of your entire home. We take pride in being thorough and showing the home owner every area that needs to be sealed.

Sowbugs Extermination Arizona


People often call these Sowbugs, Pillbugs (aka roly-poly) and there is a slight difference between the two of them. Sowbugs are land crustaceans that cannot roll themself into a ball like the pillbugs. But much like Silverfish, sowbugs enter the home looking for damp high moisture areas. They will often not survive in your home…